Because children are our future.
And knowledge is power.


School Life Media is a non-profit organization created to improve student academic outcomes by developing programs that build and support knowledge-based learning in our under-served public schools. 

We are developing two initiatives that carry this mission forward:

School Life News (SLN) is a journalism program for students that will teach them how to research, report, write, edit and publish newspapers with the goal of improving their literacy and career skills. 

The Knowledge Project (TKP) is an online forum that will publish essays and research about the importance of fact-based and content-rich curricula in our schools.


School Life News

The cornerstone of this initiative is to teach the core skills of journalism to students in under-served schools that have cut this fundamental program.

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the knowledge Project

The goal of The Knowledge Project is to create a  conversation about the importance of knowledge to learning.

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