Our Founding Funders

We appreciate the early support we received from these fifteen wonderful friends of journalism and education.

Edward Barnes – Former Senior Correspondent, Life and Time Magazines

Robyne Camp

Claudia Dowling – Former Senior Writer, People and Life Magazines

Thomas Drape – Former Senior Editor Universal Press Syndicate

Linda Gomez – Former Senior Correspondent, Life Magazine

E. D. Hirsch – Founder of the Core Knowledge Foundation, professor emeritus of education and humanities at the University of Virginia, and author of many critically acclaimed books on education issues, including Cultural Literacy, The Schools We Need, and Why Knowledge Matters.

Catherine Johnson – Writing instructor, co-author of Animals in Translation and Animals Make us Human (with Temple Grandin), founder of the education blogs kitchen table math, and CatherineandKatharine, and coauthor (with Katharine Beals) of a new self-directed writing curriculum embedded in Europe in the Modern World: A New Narrative History Since 1500 from Oxford University Press.

Donald Katz – Founder and CEO of Audible.com, former Contributing Editor of Rolling Stone, Esquire, and Sports Illustrated, and author of Home Fires and Just Do It.

Joel Klein – Former Chancellor, New York City Schools, author of Lessons of Hope.

Barbara Maddux – Senior Editor, Time Magazine, former Senior Correspondent Life Magazine.

Dennis Marino – Retired Chief Executive Officer of Wall Street Financial Service Firm

T&J Meyer Family Foundation

C. Bradley Miller – Adviser to HMI Capital LLC, Trustee of Core Knowledge Foundation and Team CFA Foundation, and former money manager Bridgewater Associates. 

David Steiner – Director, Institute for Education Policy, Johns Hopkins University, former New York State Commissioner of Education.

Ann Tisch – Founder and President, The Young Women’s Leadership Network