The Knowledge Project (TKP) initiative is an online forum for delivering the best research, writing and policy suggestions about knowledge-based learning in our schools. 

The Knowledge Project will seek out quality research and the most articulate academics and essayists to explain why our schools – and our children – need comprehensive, content-rich curricula and where to find it.  In addition to a blog, TKP aims to support knowledge-based scholars and education journalists in their research and to initiate programs that will bring such scholarship to legislatures, boards of education and school districts throughout America. 

TKP was founded on the belief that the best education is built on a coherent, content-rich curriculum that focuses on core topics – including history, English grammar and literature, science, mathematics, art, music and geography – and on delivering the knowledge base of those domains to each student in a comprehensive, ordered and consistent manner.  Such a fact-based curriculum is written, taught and tested and includes a complete syllabus of resources and documents that will be used for each course at each grade level. 

The goal of The Knowledge Project is to bring the message of academic excellence to educators, policymakers and parents so that schools can provide the best possible education for all of our students, rich and poor alike. 



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