School Life News (SLN) is a journalism program for students in grades 6-12 created to fill a vacuum in under-served communities where school budgets and narrowing curricula have forced the closure of these invaluable programs. 

Long gone in many of our schools, especially those in our inner cities and remote rural districts, is the school newspaper.  And along with the loss of these chronicles of daily school life is the opportunity to nurture the critical skills that students learned and practiced in researching, writing and publishing them.

The purpose of School Life News is to teach students how to research, interview, write, edit, publish and distribute their own newspaper or newsletter.  

Working in partnership with schools and/or community organizations, School Life News will provide the curriculum, instructional materials and, as needed, computers and Internet connections to anyone who wants to bring a journalism program to their schools, neighborhood or community.   In addition, SLN will recruit teachers and professional journalism advisors as well as provide training, guidance and oversight at all stages of the program. 

With a well-designed and professionally implemented journalism program for middle- and secondary-school students, School Life News aims to:

  1. Improve student reading skills to supplement crucial knowledge-based learning in schools. 
  2. Build useful career skills that can be applied to a multitude of educational and occupational pursuits.
  3. Increase school and civic engagement by encouraging students to learn about school, local and global affairs.

Watch the short video below of Paul Tudor Jones, billionaire hedge fund manager and co-founder of the Robin Hood Foundation, to hear his advice for people who want to succeed in business:  Take a journalism class.  He asserts that writing as a newspaper journalist helps someone become a better problem-solver because it requires synthesizing a complex problem.

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Contact us if you would like to volunteer your time or believe that SLN would add value to your community.


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