Our Mission

School Life Media was created to improve student academic outcomes by developing programs that promote an appreciation of knowledge-based learning.

School Life Media believes in three essential truths:

  • The acquisition of knowledge is important to school and life success;
  • The dissemination of “mere facts” (John Dewey) and the memorization of them has been discouraged in most schools for most of the last 50 years to the detriment of our children and our nation;
  • Most of our local school and/or district educators do not have the training, resources or capacity to understand, teach, or communicate essential information about the value of content-based curriculum to their students, parents or constituents.

Despite a blast of phrases touting '21st century skills,' 'critical thinking' and 'child-centered' teaching, the best education remains the one that is built on a coherent, content-rich curriculum that is delivered to every student, regardless of race, color, sex or demographic and economic status. 

School Life Media – through its School Life News and The Knowledge Project initiatives – will equip students with the power of the press and empower educators, policymakers and parents in communities that often can't find their own voice with the tools for creating academic excellence.

“The best education for the best is the best education for us all.”
— Robert Maynard Hutchins